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 Establish control of your relationships, reactions, and confidence and consistently approach your goals by re-calibrating your cognitive perspective and subconscious reactions. TRi psychology incorporates  experience, knowledge, skill and education for healthy results.

A major component to therapy is the courage to change. Take control of change and dictate life on your terms.  You can be exactly who you want and are meant to be, put in the effort and achieve the results. 
 I am dedicated to providing the highest quality care and offering a range of services tailored towards:

  • Adults 16+
  • First Responders
  • Veterans

  • Athletes
  • Mood disorders
  • Trauma
  • PTSD
  • ADHD

  • Performance


College of Registered Psychotherapists
Canadian Psychological Association
Ontario Psychological Association
Ontario Minor Hockey Association
Coaching Association of Canada


Call for a free 15-minute online consultation to make sure that your needs can be meant and then together we will identify the root causes of your concerns and train new adaptive responses.

Individual Psychotherapy: $150

Sports and Performance: Please Contact for reduced rate and free of charge oppurtunities

We accept the following methods of payment: Credit, E-transfer

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I've never been to therapy. What can I expect finding a therapist?

Expect an open and honest dialogue and the ability to uncover what your needs. It's common for clients to be confused as to what they need or want, Expect a safe, empathetic and communicative therapy session with the non judgemental freedom to release any troubling thoughts or feelings. Another benefit of working with a therapist is that it orients you to the underlying, causal factors, which avoids getting stuck in surface-level problems and helps facilitate long-lasting mental health benefits.

How often should I see a therapist?

Depending on treatment needs and financial circumstances, every client is different, but we typically see our clients once every week or two

How many sessions will it take?

 It all depends on trust, honesty, effort and personal characteristics. Every client and therapy session is different. Depending on how much work you have to do, how often we see you, can determine your results. That said, results can be fast and furious for clients, and this can be attributed to the client therapist connection. 

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