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As a former first responder, with over a decade of experience helping individuals, families and communities survive physical, emotional, and personal devastation, I understand that we as humans are prone to encountering stressful situations in which they have little to no control. These sometimes traumatic situations can impact each of us in different ways. My experience has shown me that no matter how or when we have been impacted, there is always potential for better tomorrow. If you are looking for someone who can relate to the day to day demands of navigating overwhelming stress, worry, anxiety, depression and PTSD or may be feeling the impacts from your past experiences, then my areas of specialty are likely a good fit for you. 

As many young Canadians I spent most of my days playing hockey and dreaming of the day I could make it my career. Although my time has passed my passion for helping others in sports still remains the same. With the introduction of my new Sports and Performance therapy, I hope to help individuals, coaches, teams and organizations achieve levels that they could have imagined. 

I believe that everyone has the potential for growth and healing, and capability to fulfill their dreams. I enjoy helping helping my clients develop the tools and strategies they need to create meaningful and lasting change. I value a collaborative and person-centred approach in all facets of my life.

At TRi, professional knowledge meets experience and understanding for beautiful results. 

Patrick Callaghan, MPsy, RP(Q), EMCA 

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